Fixed Fees

129630416-213x285In litigation and general legal matters we will try and work on a fixed fee basis for you. This means we agree with you in advance how much we will charge for a set piece of work. We will not invoice you until that piece of work has been completed.

In Relation to Mediation;

At the intake session, which each party has separately at a cost of $75, we make an assessment of the complexity of the matter. This can be done over the telephone. Each mediation session lasts approximately 2 to 3 hours. Usually we find a package of three sessions can resolve all extant issues. Sometimes full agreement can be achieved in a single session.You pay for each session in advance usually $200 to $400 for each party.

If all issues are resolved we may then agree a further fee for the drafting of a deed or consent court order to formalise the agreement.

If all issues are not resolved then we either agree a further mediation package or terminate the mediation. If we believe that a consensus cannot be reached we will be candid with you about that, we will not waste your money. This does not mean that you cannot return to the process after perhaps the further passage of time.

Criminal Law;

Again we use a fixed fee regime. We quote in advance for each Court appearance. Once agreed you pay that fee 5 days before the Court date.

Advantages of Fixed Fees

  •  You know what you will pay
  •   You can decided between yourselves about how much each of you will pay.
  •   You can budget accordingly.
  •   You pay a fee based on value not the time it takes for example a lawyer to do the work.
  •   The mediator has an incentive to progress the process—it’s how we get paid.
  •   You won’t be charged for every minute of the mediators time or for typing or
  •      photocopying.

What fixed fees don’t cover

  •   Disbursements, for example room hire (approximately $125 per session).
  •   Court issue fees to lodge consent orders.
  •   Expert reports if required, for example valuations of property or businesses.