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018In Mediation, read on …

It is a truism that the parties to any dispute have the greatest investment in it’s resolution.

The process of facilitative mediation has been crafted through the skill and experience of mediators over many years. Faithfully adopted it has an enormous capacity to bring about a sustained change in attitude to the conflict. In an historical context mediation was mentioned as a tool for resolution in Mesopotamia over four thousand years ago. Closer in time it is one of the tools used by the United Nation peace envoys. The United Nations has had a mediation support unit since 2006 to support field workers. Currently the United Nations lists 750 peace agreements it has brokered. If mediation can operate successfully on a global scale, in  highly conflicted situations, it can assist you.

Mediation may sound a soft option but experience shows it to be the opposite, no conflict is too tough for mediation.

The process


Each participant goes through an intake assessment. This takes about one hour and we only charge $75 per person for this stage. It allows the mediator to do two things, go through a pro forma number of questions designed to assess whether you and your dispute are suitable for mediation. It also allows the mediator to gather enough information to prepare for the first element of mediation.

The whole process is confidential.

In all there are perhaps ten stages in mediation, so distilling it down is difficult and does an injustice to the process. However, it is in broad terms a process which moves people though the two core elements of understanding and exploration towards problem solving and resolution of the dispute.

The Mediator

Sarah Clarke is a Solicitor practicing in NSW, experienced in Family law, Civil law and Criminal law. She is dual qualified, as a Legal practitioner in NSW and a Barrister in the United Kingdom. Sarah is a nationally accredited mediator in NSW, and a member of the Resolution Institute. In addition Sarah is a member of  the general and family law mediator panels of the Law Society NSW. she is also on the panel of Collaborative Professionals (NSW) Inc. Sarah also trained in the United Kingdom as a mediator and collaborative lawyer.